A+ HSC Year 12 Chemistry Study Notes

  • Colin Harrison
  • Paperback
  • Cengage Learning Australia
  • 17/08/2022
  • ISBN: 9780170465281

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Written and reviewed by expert teachers the A+ Study Notes resources are written to provide comprehensive, syllabus-aligned revision and exam preparation support. Complete with revision tips, comprehensive summary notes accompanied by visual concept maps, exam practice questions and detailed, annotated solutions. Designed to be used as a year-round revision tool. Can be used with or without Practice Exams resource


Module content focus summaries – high-level summary of essential knowledge in each chapter

Concept maps – provide a visual overview of how inquiry questions are connected and support recall

Topic summaries – sequential summaries of essential knowledge for each inquiry question

Hints and margin notes to explain difficult concepts and provide additional exam tips

Icons to highlight past exam questions and difficulty

Digital flashcards to support recall.

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