A+ HSC Year 12 Biology Study Notes

  • Timothy Sloane & Mathew Sloane
  • Paperback
  • Cengage Learning Australia
  • 13/08/2022
  • ISBN: 9780170465267

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A+ HSC Biology Study Notes is a new study resource perfect for revision and exam preparation. These in-depth study notes directly align with the NESA HSC Biology Syllabus and provide comprehensive revision and exam support.

Complete with essential examinable subject matter this study guide is designed to be students’ easy-to-use, reliable, and trustworthy study companion.


Topic summaries highlight sequential summaries of essential knowledge for each inquiry question

Hints and margin notes to explain difficult concepts and provide additional exam tips

Glossaries of key terms for easy revision

Concept maps to provide visual overviews of how key knowledge in each inquiry question is connected

Digital flash cards to help recall.

Icons to highlight past exam questions and difficulty


How to use this book
The exam
About the authors
Summary of prior knowledge (Modules 1-4)
Module 5: Heredity
Module 6: Genetic change
Module 7: Infectious disease
Module 8: Non-infectious disease disorders
The scientific method

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