A+ HSC Year 12 Biology Practice Exams

  • Reanna Farley, Ami Morrow
  • Paperback
  • Cengage Learning Australia
  • 01/08/2022
  • ISBN: 9780170465250

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A+ HSC Biology Practice Exams is a new study resource perfect for revision and exam preparation. Directly aligned with the HSC Biology Syllabus this new resource contains 17 topic tests and two full HSC Biology practice exams.

Written by an expert author team, all tests and practice exams are designed to support students in their preparation for the final exam and include both unseen exam-style questions and past HSC Biology exam questions. A+ HSC Biology Practice Exams can be used with or without the A+ HSC Biology Study Notes resource.


17 topic tests each addressing one key inquiry of the Biology Syllabus

Two perforated practice exams

Detailed solutions provide answer explanations, mark breakdowns and advice for creating high-scoring responses

Icons to highlight past exam questions and level of difficulty


Test 1: Reproduction
Test 2: Cell replication
Test 3: DNA and polypeptide synthesis
Test 4: Genetic variation
Test 5: Inheritance patterns in a population
Test 6: Mutation
Test 7: Biotechnology
Test 8: Genetic technologies
Test 9: Causes of infectious disease
Test 10: Response to pathogens
Test 11: Immunity
Test 12: Prevention, treatment and control
Test 13: Homeostasis
Test 14: Causes and effects
Test 15: Epidemiology
Test 16: Prevention
Test 17: Technologies and disorders
Practice exam 1
Practice exam 2

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