Lilian Hoskins - Sales Manager

As a former high school social studies and history teacher, Lilian brings to our team a deep level of understanding of the world of teachers and students.

Plus, after almost 19 years in the role of Endeavour Education’s Sales Manager, Lilian knows the world of educational resources like the back of her hand.

Because of her long-term relationships with her publishers, Lilian knows what books are available and when; what’s popular and what’s trending.

She understands the features, costs and licencing arrangements of titles – both digital and print versions; and she can arrange page proofs, advance copies and pricing quotes.

Lilian is always ahead of the game when there are syllabus or curriculum changes in the pipeline.

And if Lilian doesn’t know the answer, she can always put you in touch with someone in the industry who can help.

“Teaching is a complex job and thanks to my years of experience; I really understand what happens in the classroom – particularly when there are syllabus changes. I can empathise with the questions that teachers are asking and I can pick up on trends in the industry.

“I’m also in constant communication with our publishers. I know what’s available and when a new edition is coming out.

“It’s really important that there is transparent communication between me, the schools and the publishers.

“I always touch base with all my clients to see if everything is okay and if I can be of any assistance.”

Lilian made the switch from the classroom to Endeavour Education after moving to New South Wales with her family in 1994. With three young sons at the time, she sought the regularity of an office job in the education industry, rather than the unpredictability of temp teaching.

She thrived in the new role and, like her colleagues, she is totally committed to her job and the family-friendly atmosphere at Endeavour Education.

“I like the variety of work; I like the people I work with in the office; I like the schools that I work with and the publishers.

“These people have become more than customers: they have become my friends and I always do the right thing by them.”

Lilian also produces regular ‘what’s new and what’s coming out’ correspondence so her clients are always up-to-date with new book title information.

She can arrange, upon request, for publishers to set up a book display at schools, so teachers can see the materials for themselves and spend time reading through the titles.

She distributes conference notes from publishers and any information she gleans when she attends conferences organised by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA); and she can source and supply specialist items for teachers and schools – whether it’s a high-quality visual-arts diary or a book on Japanese history.

“Basically, everything I do is to help teachers deliver the best learning possible.”

When she’s not in the office, or on the road visiting clients, Lilian enjoys spending time with her family, including her four grandchildren. She’s also involved in organising her local AFL Auskick games for kids aged 5 to 12 years old at the same AFL club where her own sons played while growing up.

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