Kelly Macris - Customer Service - Inventory Control

With 28 years of experience at Endeavour Education, Kelly is our expert at ensuring that our clients receive their orders on time.

Once you place your order with us, Kelly allocates the required stock, or she communicates with our publishing partners about stock availability. She orders in the required books and when they arrive at our Sydney warehouse, Kelly ensures that everything is despatched on time to our clients.

It’s a big role, but Kelly relishes the challenge – particularly when it’s busy at the start of the new school year and at term time.

“It’s a very important role, but I’ve been here so long that it really feels like second nature to me.

“Once the schools or parents place their orders, they want to know that they are going to get their orders on time. The kids and the schools need their books so that they can get straight to work.

“We need to do it quickly because that’s part of the customer service we provide at Endeavour Education.”

Kelly also handles book returns to publishers – for example, if a book is damaged, or a new edition is coming out and the old titles have to be returned, Kelly is our go-to person.

Additionally, Kelly is responsible for following up on special requests from our sales representatives. For example, if a school has requested an advance copy of a book, or a school library wants a new title, Kelly will order it in for on-time delivery.

Kelly is also a wealth of information in our book shop. She is like a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to title availability and cost!

“We really work well as a team here. If there are questions, we always bounce them off each other to come up with the best solution. If anyone needs anything, they always know that they can come to me and I’ll do my best to help.”

When she’s not at work, helping things run smoothly in our warehouse and book shop, Kelly enjoys spending time with her family, including her two young children.

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“Endeavour Education is one of our major Channel Partners supporting the promotion of our products and services to schools via their field sales representatives and retail/online store. As a preferred distributor, the continuous supply of our products and services to schools is very important to us, along with their after-sales service and dedicated customer support team being a vital link in providing quality service to schools, students and teachers.”

Paul Smith - Pearson

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