How Endeavour’s tailored booklist service can help your school

Back-to-school is a busy time for teachers, parents and students. It can be hard to manage the multiple resources that every student needs before they step through the front doors.

But at Endeavour Education, our streamlined booklist services help teachers personalise the delivery of quality educational resources to suit the needs of each and every student.

We create school booklists, fill bulk textbook orders and also source and deliver small, tailored orders to help ease the pressure.

We manage the whole booklist process seamlessly.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to work together with government, independent and Catholic schools Australia wide, as well as parents and students, to source and deliver the best educational resources available.

We’ve built strong relationships and partnerships with multiple schools, including some that have spanned well over a decade. We pride ourselves on managing and supplying booklists on time, making this time of year easier for both the school, the parent and the student.

One of our private school, long term clients describes our service as easy to organise and reliable.

“Endeavour Education has a great understanding of the education industry and they always respond to us in a reasonable time.”

A tailored booklist service process

A tailored booklist service process

We consult carefully with our school clients to understand their individual education resource requirements so that teachers can deliver engaging and effective curriculum content to their students. We also explore your school community budgetary and delivery concerns.

“Endeavour has been supplying Year 7 through to Year 12 their yearly textbooks through booklists for over 13 years. We produce the lists and Endeavour works closely with our heads of department on any new versions or changes in the curriculum.”

A tailored booklist service process

“They also help find resources for our heads of departments and teachers when they need assistance getting ahead of curriculum changes or if they want to take a look at new books.”

Our experienced team works with our publishing partners to formulate a series of booklists that meet school requirements with all titles requested, and contain the most up-to-date and effective resources available. The booklists can be tailored for specific year groups, classes and even individual students.

School teaching staff also have the opportunity to clarify and modify the booklists before final approval is given.

“They always take a look at the previous year of booklists and they ask us, ‘Would you like to update this? What would you like to change?’ We then discuss those changes with our heads of departments and decide what we want to remove or add.

We usually do about two drafts and a thorough check before we give the students their booklists. We may even decide on a different model for the following year, but we work through those decisions closely with Endeavour.”

Once completed, the booklists are uploaded to the Endeavour Education website and parents and students can easily access them online.

For extra convenience, Endeavour Education looks after the rest of the booklist process: we take the parent’s orders and help them with any questions they may have; we fill the orders, and we deliver the orders on time, before school returns.

Delivering on time, no matter the season

Delivering on time, no matter the season

Our streamlined school booklist service makes delivering tailored learning resources to each and every student easy and efficient.

At Endeavour Education, it is our utmost priority to dispatch orders in a timely manner allowing enough time for schools and families to collect shipments.

Our dedication to delivering on time has resulted in a 99.3% success rate for the back to school period.

“They always do their best. They fix up any issues and work with us until everything is resolved. They’re always making sure that everything is okay. They deliver the books on time, we check them off, and it’s a seamless process.

The students can go directly back to Endeavour if they have any problems. Endeavour’s website is available to the students and they can order books online because they know exactly what they need.

Endeavour always asks for rough numbers of students doing subjects, so they can supply the correct number of books.”

Building strong relationships

Building strong relationships

Over the decades, we have established great relationships with top education resource publishers in the industry and with teachers and parents.

And it is because of these strong relationships that we can help schools and students get the best resources available for their budget.

“We’ve built great relationships with the managers at Endeavour. I’ve had two managers since I started working here, and it’s great to see long-term relationships being built.

Building strong relationships

They offer direct communication and they look after us really well. They’re very positive and responsive whenever we have any problems or questions.

They’re very flexible. If we need to return supplies, such as if the students drop or change subjects, we can easily arrange returns.”

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