Fiona Cooper - Sales Representative

Fiona has been with Endeavour Education for 24 years and she is our Sales Representative in the NSW area covering Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and the Central Coast.

Every week, Fiona shares her encyclopaedic knowledge of school education resources with her school clients and helps teachers make decisions about what is most appropriate – both in terms of their own teaching resource requirements, and also what is best for their students.

“If I have a new book title or a new version of a book – whether it’s a print or digital version – I will go and show it to my teachers so they can have a look and we can discuss it together.

“The teachers will usually have a lot of questions: they might want to know if the book is popular with other schools. They want to keep up with what’s happening in education in terms of syllabus changes, and they also want to provide their students with the best resources.

“Plus, they want to know about the book’s content – if the content is presented in a way that’s accessible to their students; can their students easily read the book and understand the information?”

Fiona is also available to assist teachers with questions they may have about finding the most effective titles to deliver appropriate curriculum content.

“Teachers plan their lesson delivery at the start of the year with the current curriculum and it’s important for them that I go through the resources with them to make sure that a book follows their delivery plans.

“Sometimes teaches might need to buy up to three titles for one subject to guarantee that their lessons comply with curriculum requirements.

“I love it when I see a smile on a teacher’s face because I’ve been able to find a resource that is exactly what they need and they tell me that it’s just perfect!”

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“Endeavour Education is one of our major Channel Partners supporting the promotion of our products and services to schools via their field sales representatives and retail/online store. As a preferred distributor, the continuous supply of our products and services to schools is very important to us, along with their after-sales service and dedicated customer support team being a vital link in providing quality service to schools, students and teachers.”

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