Extension Course 1 - Common Module: Literary Worlds - Elective 1: Literary Homelands

Elective 1: Literary homelands

In this elective, students explore and evaluate textual representations of how individuals and communities express connections to notions of ‘homelands’, place and culture, as well as connections with others in an increasingly complex world. They examine the diverse ways in which the worlds of individuals and communities, including their own experiences, beliefs and attitudes, are represented in texts. Students analyse how composers represent different cultural perspectives through the creation of voices and points of view, and how historical and social contexts have an impact on the extent to which perspectives are privileged, marginalised or silenced. Students may consider textual representations of experiences of place, country and culture, and complex and diverse migrant experiences, within and beyond Australia, and how these representations may have changed through time. Students critically evaluate the values and assumptions in these representations of diverse cultures in relation to their own values, attitudes and beliefs.

In their responding and composing, they explore, analyse, experiment with and critically evaluate their prescribed texts and other appropriate texts. They write their own imaginative compositions that represent the relationship between the individual and their experiences of place and culture.

In this elective, students are required to study at least three of the prescribed texts (including at least two extended print texts) as well as other texts of their own choosing. At least two related texts must be studied. Texts can be drawn from a range of times, contexts and media and should explore the relationship between the individual and their experiences of place and culture.

Prose Fiction


Poetry or drama


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