EAL/D Module C: Close Study of Text

EAL/D Module C: Close Study of Text

In this module, students develop an informed understanding, knowledge and appreciation of a substantial text. They explore information, ideas, attitudes and values that are communicated in and through the text, and they examine and reflect on the ways in which the content, form and language of the text have been composed and assembled.

Students study one text chosen from the list of prescribed texts. They engage in extensive exploration and interpretation of the text and the ways the composer (the author, poet, playwright, director, designer and so on) portrays people, ideas and events in the text. By analysing the interplay between the ideas, forms and language within the text, students appreciate how these elements may affect those responding to the text. Students produce personal, critical and creative responses to the text, basing their judgements on a detailed knowledge of the text and its language features.

Explicit, targeted English language study centres on the conventions of form, structure and style particular to the category of text, and investigation and analysis of how these conventions have been manipulated by the composer in order to achieve particular effects. Students plan, draft and refine their own written and spoken texts, applying the conventions of syntax, spelling and grammar appropriately and with increased confidence and accuracy for their audience, context and purpose.

Prose Fiction

Poetry or drama

Nonfiction, film or media


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