EAL/D Module B: Language, Identity and Culture

EAL/D Module B: Language, Identity and Culture

Language has the power to both reflect and shape individual and collective identity. In this module, students explore and analyse the ways that language is used to express the complexities and subtleties of personal, social and cultural identity. They investigate how
textual forms and conventions and language structures and features are used to communicate information, ideas, values and attitudes which inform and influence perceptions of ourselves and other peoples. Students also consider the impact texts have on shaping individuals’ or communities’ sense of identity.

Through the study of one prescribed text and a selection of related material, students develop awareness and understanding of how our perceptions of and relationships with others and the world are shaped by written, spoken and visual language. Through close
language study, and by experimenting with different language choices, they consider and reflect on ways that texts affirm or challenge prevailing assumptions and beliefs about individuals and lifestyles, and about social and cultural groupings. They consider
representations of and perspectives on culture and identity and they investigate and reflect on their own and others’ experiences of adapting to changed circumstances.

Composition focuses on experimentation with variations of purpose, audience and form to create representations of selfhood, affiliation and heritage. Explicit, targeted English language study centres on the Australian vernacular, idioms, colloquialisms and other forms of cultural expression, and the ways that textual forms and features are used to represent aspects of individual and/or collective identity. Students plan, draft and refine their own written and spoken texts, applying the conventions of syntax, spelling and g grammar appropriately and with increased confidence and accuracy for their audience, context and purpose.

Prose Fiction

Poetry or Drama

Nonfiction, film or media

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